One of the main directions of the concept of economic development of our country is the introduction of organic agriculture, one of the most
important components of which is the production of organic, organomineral and biological fertilizers.

By the decision of the RA Government 01/29. 7 [401714 ] -17 # 15 dated 13.04.2017 (Protocol, paragraph 2) the task is to replace nitrogen chemical fertilizers (saltpeter) of local production with nitrogen fertilizers of biological origin.

In order to implement this task, our company started co-operating with the Australian company “SABROLL PTY LTD”, which has a similar production, to introduce this technology in Armenia.

Under the law of the Republic of Armenia “on Phytosanitary”, in accordance with the established procedure for state registration of pesticides and agrochemicals produced in the Republic of Armenia, the tests were conducted for three years under the supervision of the authorized body of the Ministry of agriculture.

At the same time, in 2019 our biological fertilizer “Azotobacter G” has been classified as an organic fertilizer (was certificated and recognized as permitted/suitable for organic agriculture).

Modern challenges in the world force us to rebuild our business with the awareness of improving the quality of life in accordance with new situations. We must leave an ecologically friendly environment for future generations.

We must keep our Home clean.